Imagine a stroll down the streets of Florence , in the heart of Italy , where art is everywhere, outside on fountains and statues, inside on walls and ceilings. The Outdoor Art Foundation (OAF) was formed in 2005 with the express purpose of bringing to Carlsbad the same high quality of art that one experiences in Europe and in several other cities throughout the United States.

History of the Outdoor Art Foundation
During a trip to a small town, the Carlsbad Village Business Association (CVBA) President, Bill Ostrie noticed an abundance of murals in what otherwise would have been a non-descript community. He realized that having art placed throughout the Village of Carlsbad would make an otherwise fairly non-descript place a dynamic space that would attract more people and increase business. He shared his vision with the executive director of the CVBA, Mikki Royce. They developed the Outdoor Art Initiative, which was promoted to make the Village of Carlsbad Southern California 's premiere Outdoor Art Scene. Eventually the Outdoor Art Initiative evolved into the Outdoor Art Foundation (OAF).

Mikki was a guest of the Museum Artists Foundation's (MAF) Façade  fundraising event in La Jolla and approached Dennis Paul Batt, the executive director of the MAF, to help create a similar event in Carlsbad for the purpose of raising funds for the Outdoor Art Initiative.

Bill Ostrie, Mikki Royce, and Dennis Paul Batt got together to layout a plan of action. A committee was formed with several members of the local community and began to plan the first event, the 2006 Carlsbad Masquerade . They also realized that to best raise funds and enlist the aid of the entire Carlsbad community they should alter the Initiative and create an Outdoor Art Foundation. The OAF would enable not only the placing of art in the Village of Carlsbad but also throughout the entire community, thereby attracting more potential donors.

The first members of the newly formed Committee were: Bill Ostrie, Mikki Royce, Dennis Paul Batt, Michael Perdue, Katie Taylor, Mark Winkler, Scott Dickson, Maria Rubenstein, and Paul Gorman. A short time later they were joined by Sandra Chanis, Kate Nielsen, Kathy Winkler, Shauna Decker, Lisa Norton, Gary Hill, and Lynnabeth Martinez.

Michael Perdue assisted the OAF committee in putting together the forms required to have the Outdoor Art Foundation become a 501c3 public charity and established the OAF as a Trust Committee with Mikki Royce as Managing Trustee and Sandra Chanis as Co-trustee.

For the Masquerade, Dennis Paul Batt assembled all of the sculptors and performing artists, who were then approved by the committee. The Masquerade Ball was an outstanding social, artistic, and financial success.

The current trust committee consists of members of the original group: Sandra Chanis, Managing Trustee, Dennis Paul Batt, Co-trustee, Mark and Kathy Winkler, and John Cadman. Former members and others are volunteering for upcoming Masquerades and events, are participating on future art selection committees, and will become part of a newly established OAF advisory board.